Can I Reload My SBI Travel Card Though Net banking?

Net banking and the digital process ushered new ways of doing transactions. With the help of technology, we can now be more efficient and convenient with our financial transactions.

You can reload your travel card through net banking or by visiting any SBI branch. You can even pay for an airplane ticket with your SBI card.

The digitalization of payments has helped companies reduce transaction costs, improve customer experience, and improve security for both employees and customers.

You can reload your card any number of times, with a maximum of up to Rs. 20,000 per transaction. In case you would like to reload your card online, you can do so from SBI online banking.

Process To Follow To Reload SBI Travel Card

Step 01: visit,

Step 02: Go to the path- e-Services, and then click on e-Cards

Step 03: Click on “State Bank Foreign Travel Card” and top up.

Features Of SBI Travel Card In Detail

Features Of SBI Travel Card In Detail

The SBI travel card is the official credit card of the State Bank of India. It offers a wide variety of features that cater to different travelers. These features are designed to make your travel experience more convenient and comfortable.

With the SBI travel card, you can use your credit card to purchase train tickets, bus tickets, ferry tickets, and hotel bookings. It is a smart card that is loaded with funds in local currency and can be used to make payments in any of these forms of payment.

There are many features that make the SBI travel card stand out like the convenience factor. It allows cash withdrawal at ATMs and makes it convenient for you when traveling abroad because there’s a dedicated portal to manage your transactions.

Here Are Some Features Of SBI Travel Card:

1. At no cost for international travel,

2. Multiple currencies are accepted,

3. Zero liability on any card transactions,

4. Competitive foreign exchange rates,

5. Points earnable on every purchase,

6. Welcome offer upon sign up,

7. Free lifetime recharges.

8. The SBI travel card can be used in more than 180 countries.

9. The SBI travel card has up to 3,000 points that can be redeemed for air miles.

10. SBI Travelcard is a charge card issued by the State Bank of India. The card allows the holder to pay for purchases made worldwide, with an annual fee of INR 3,000.

11. The State Bank of India Travel Card allows the holder to buy goods and services without having to pay any foreign transaction fees or conversion charges. The card also comes with an annual fee of INR 3,000.


We know the process of reloading your SBI travel card through Net Banking. We hope you understood the process as well.

The process of reloading an SBI travel card through net banking is not difficult or time-consuming. It just takes some time to complete the process.

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