Bhetki Fish In The USA [Everything You Need To Know]

Bhetki fish is a very famous fish in the USA and Bhetki importer is also very famous there. That is because they have got many more importers for bhetki fish than India. You will really love to know what is the demand for this fish in the US and how much they pay for one kilogram of this fish? This article will tell you that information.

What Is Bhetki Fish

Bhetki(also called white amur or amur sleeper)is an exotic freshwater fish that belongs to the family Cyprinidae having the scientific name Cobitis taeniaformis . It has an elongated body growing up to 1 foot in length. Its fat content percent ranges from 0.6% to 3.0%. This fish is also known as white amur or in common terms, it is called amur sleeper because in case of emergency it can bury itself in the sand or in mud to escape from its predators. Bhetki fish has got lean flesh with white color and is mostly found in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Its taste becomes better when you marinate them for some time with salt water before cooking.

As we said above that Bhetki fish importer is very famous there thus they import this fish either directly from the source country which is India or through a middle man who is based somewhere else like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, etc according to their convenience or they to follow any international rules or regulation. They mostly sell this fish in the USA market through exporters who are based in India.

Bhetki Fish Price In The USA

Its price there varies with the market demand. Their appetite for this fish is really good which means they are really fond of it and want to have it more frequently. Bhetki importers there got many Bhetki processing plants so that their clients will get this fish at prefect time thus they can sell or serve them at restaurants, hotels or even homes as per the order. The price of one kilogram of Bhetki fish ranges from 1 USD to 2 USD depending upon availability, need, season, etc.

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Fun Facts About Bhetki Fish

1. Bhetki Fish (scientific name: Tenualosa Elisha) is an important fish in Bengali cuisine. It’s also known as Hilsa.

2. Bhetki fish can grow up to two feet, and live for about seven years in waters with a salinity of around 15-20 parts per thousand (ppt). The optimal water temperature for Bhetki is between 20°C and 30°C. These facts make it apparent that Bhetki are freshwater fish, but they’re often found near the coast.

3. The reason these facts are interesting is that everyone thinks that Bhetki only lives in saltwater! Can you imagine if humans lived under the same conditions? Salt lakes don’t exist on earth! The ocean might as well be called “the Bhetki Sea”!

4. This is to say that if the Bhetki fish only thrives in saltwater then why has it adapted very well to freshwater? The answer comes from genetics but then raises even more questions.

5. Bhetki naturally lives in the Ganges river system and other rain-fed freshwater rivers of Bangladesh, but they’re also found wild in many coriander ponds. This is strange because many coriander ponds are man-made! How did this happen? It’s hard to know, but I’m sure you can imagine how cool it would be if people could make any kind of pond and have Bhetki come out of it!

6. Even though almost everyone knows that Bhetki fish can be found in saltwater, many people don’t realize that it’s a delicacy almost exclusive to Bengal – and not just India. The reason for this is that the Hilsa breed only thrives in salty waters. This makes sense because the Ganges river system has such high salinity (15-20 PPT) due to halophytes like coriander

7. They’re really fast swimmers. You’ll often find them playing with other fishes or swimming around boats because they love having an audience! They even seem to know when humans are watching because they start doing aerobics and spinning their bodies like helicopters! This is because Bhetki are naturally very shy, and they’re trying to show off their colorful scales.

What Is Bhetki Called In English?

Bhola or Bhetki is a fish in the carp family, and it has been known to many people of Bengal for its delicious taste. While you may know barramundi by another name Asian seabass when sold at your local market with other types that are caught off-shore like licenses, swordfish Billops, etc., these two words actually mean almost identical things which makes them interchangeable depending on how one wants their dish prepared!

Highly sought after due largely because they’re not very widely available outside Southern Asia where freshwater sources exist.


Bhetki fish are very interesting-looking fish because of their colorful skin. When many people think of an Indian river, they think of the Ganges River. It is a pretty big river with lots to see and do on its banks. Because it is India’s most sacred river, there are many artisans, artists, monks, farmers, children, holy men, and more that live along this stretch of river. The best part about living there is that you get Bhetki fish every day!

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