10 Reasons Of Why people Think California Sucks

California has a lot of traffic, higher taxes, lots of crime, and a poor public transport system that doesn’t work well. The cost of living is also high in California. These reasons make California an undesirable place to live for many people who are looking for a more productive life elsewhere. Here is a list …

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Differences Between California VS New York

California VS New York

California and New York are two different states with a huge amount of differences between them. There are ten major differences between New York City and California. Some of these include weather, size of the population, geographic location, cost of living, ethnicity, traffic congestion, hazards like earthquakes and landslides; state government systems. California State Of …

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Where Does It Snow In California

Snow In California

California is known for its warm climate. However, it can also be very cold in some parts of the state. In fact, the Sierra Nevada Mountains have enough snow to fall to sea level and become a river that flows into the Sacramento River. California’s geography is affected by both its coastal location and its …

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Warm Beaches In California (Top 12 List With Safety & Travel Tips)

Warm Beaches In California

California has some amazing beaches that are perfect for a day at the beach even in the wintertime. California has over 1,100 miles of coastline and nearly 300 beaches within its borders. Depending on your preferences, you can find a beach that fits your needs. Most people visit for the warm weather and white sand …

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Why Is California So Expensive?

California So Expensive

California is the most populous state in the United States with an estimated 39.4 million people. This large population has led to high taxes, and California is one of the most expensive states to live in. The cost of living in California has been growing over time due to a variety of factors including increasing …

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Can I Drive In California with An Indian Driving License

Drive In California with An Indian Driving License

It is important to know that Indian driving licenses are not recognized by the California DMV, which means that your license cannot be used as a valid form of identification when you head out into traffic. To be able to drive legally with an Indian driving license, drivers must apply for an International Driving Permit …

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Can You Rent A Car With A Permit In USA?

Rent A Car With A Permit In USA

While driving in the United States, it is required to have a car rental permit. Driving in a rental car without a permit can result in hefty fines and even jail time. The penalties can be quite expensive and may make it difficult for some people to drive with a rental car during their vacation. …

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Average Water Bill In California (With Some Facts)

Average Water Bill In California

In California, most households pay an average of  $65 per month and $780 per year on their water bill. This figure includes the cost of water, wastewater, and drainage services for domestic customers. It’s no secret that California has the highest cost of living in the country, and with that, comes a high water bill. …

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How To Junk A Car Without Title In California

Junk A Car Without Title In California

The first step is to write down the car’s VIN and call your insurance company to find out if your car still has a valid lien on it. If it does, this will be the last resort. If not, you can proceed with this method. Junking a car without a title in California is a …

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