Is Norwegian Airlines Safe?

The safety of any airline is not just dependent on its air traffic control system and pilots, but also on the efficiency of its cabin crew members.

When Norwegian Airlines was founded in 1937, the company had a single aircraft with four employees. Today, the airline has more than 10,000 employees in more than 80 countries worldwide.

In 2018, the Norwegian Airline’s safety record is one of the highest in the industry. And so, in one word: Norwegian Airlines is safe.

This airline was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in the country of Norway. The company operates a fleet of more than 280 aircraft to over 190 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.

That One Incident!

They have had only one incident which occurred in 2015 when a pilot mistakenly locked the wrong door on an Airbus A320-200 aircraft which caused it to crash into the Atlantic Ocean near Ålesund airport. Norwegian Airline’s risk as per Flight Safety Foundation has been rated as low.

Norwegian airlines’ safety has recently been questioned due to the death of one of its passengers. The airline has since responded to this issue by working with the authorities and the media in order to clear their reputation and show their transparency.

Despite this, it is difficult for Norwegian airlines to regain trust back with its customers. In order to do so, they should address this issue head-on and be proactive in giving answers about what went wrong.

Norwegian Airlines was once an example of a company that had a transparent brand image with a loyal customer base which made them one of the most profitable airlines in Europe. This changed last year when a passenger died onboard Norwegian Air Flight DY-FZG814 from Barcelona, Spain which then caused further issues for the company by calling into question their safety standards.


Is Norwegian A Good Airline?

Norwegian Air International is a low-cost airline based in Oslo, Norway that operates in over 80 countries. It was founded by billionaire businessman and investor Bjørn Kjos. It is the largest privately-owned airline in the world with 2,000 employees.

The company operates a fleet of more than 270 aircraft on 1,200 routes to 175 destinations.

So, this is really a good airline to be honest.

Is Norwegian Airlines In Financial Trouble?

Considering that Norwegian airlines have lost $3 billion in 2018 so far, the answer is yes.

The airline industry has been struggling for a while now due to the increase of air travel and competition from other airlines. Low oil prices are also contributing to the financial troubles of many airlines including Norwegian. However, they still remain one of the top 5 airlines in Europe with more than 100 destinations worldwide.

Airlines have had a difficult time competing with low-cost carriers as their price continues to go down year after year. These changes in air travel and competition have led to an economic hit on the airline industry as well as on consumers who are required to pay higher ticket prices for tickets at a decreased product quality.

Is It Safe To Book With Norwegian Airlines?

Norwegian Airlines is well-known for its high-quality service, one of the reasons it has been able to grow and expand over the years. However, some passengers have claimed that Norwegian Airlines is not as safe as it would seem.

This topic is controversial. Different travelers take different opinions on the matter, but most agree that there could be a chance for passengers to experience potential problems with Norwegian Airlines when flying their airline.

Some travelers claim that Norwegian Airlines are not as safe as they seem, while others praise their service and safety standards.

Recently, Norwegian Airlines has been the target of a viral campaign that claims they have been offering false discounts to customers.

But, despite having all those rumors and misleading claims – they seem to be a safe airline overall.

Why Is Norwegian Airline So Cheap?

The cost of Norwegian Air is considered to be one of the lowest in Europe and has is said to save travelers up to 40% on airfares. Today, Norwegian Air offers flights to over 150 destinations all over Europe and North America.

As a result, the airline has grown tremendously since its establishment in 1993 with more than 100 planes in operation.

The answer might be that Norway has a high cost of living and low taxes – this combination allows Norwegians to have an overall lower cost of living. The airline industry also enjoys tax breaks in Norway just like other industries.

Are Norwegian Airlines Atol Protected?

Norwegian Airlines is not obliged to pay the Atol of its passengers until the airline has been notified that the plane has crashed or the flight has been canceled.

The airline can also be protected from Atol claims several times before a passenger actually boards a flight. The airline could, for example, have already paid an insurance policy that covers such risks.

Norwegian Airlines Atol protection extended beyond the length of European Union flights to cover all flights departing from Norway and then continuing on to destinations in Europe and North America.

What Happens If My Flight Is Cancelled In Norwegian?

If your flight is canceled, you are entitled to a refund. There are a couple of ways that you can get your money back and one of them is by getting it via the airline’s customer service phone number.

If you would like to learn more about what happens if your flight is canceled, please refer to their FAQ article on this topic here:

Cancellation And Refund Policies Of Norwegian Airlines

Some airlines have more flexible policies than others. Norwegian Airlines is one of the companies that don’t require any cancellation fees.

Some airlines, such as Norwegian Airlines, have a liberal refund policy and do not charge cancellation fees. Some of them require a penalty fee for any cancellations and also have strict refund policies. Other airlines, such as United Airlines, only allow refunds in extreme cases and never charge a cancellation fee but can do so within the first seven days of purchase.

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