How To Use A Japanese Amiibo In The USA [All You Need To Know]

Amiibo figures can be used on a variety of consoles regardless of whether their region is European or American. This means you’ll have access to Japanese versions of any game in your library, no matter what system it was originally designed for! Amiibo figures are region-free, which means you can use Japanese versions of these toys for any game console.

The toys will work with any system as long as it supports them! Unlike many other Nintendo products these guys aren’t region-locked meaning, you can use Amiiqos from anywhere in the world – even if your home country doesn’t have access yet (which should happen!).

Amiebo figures offer an easy solution for importing titles that might otherwise only be available region side: they’re fully compatible across all three major regions so nothing is stopping us, westerners, from getting our hands on some awesome content before everyone else gets too savvy about its existence first.

Can You Use Amiibo From Japan On An American?

You may have heard that you can buy Japanese Amiibo on the internet, but what does this mean for those of us who don’t live in Japan? All Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U consoles around the world will recognize your new figurines. The bonuses are exactly as if they were bought at home- so unlocking Rockman’s abilities is still achievable no matter where he comes from!

Now it won’t be hard to get them shipped over straight away because we’ve found out how much money one needs when importing these toys into their country (or region) through tunnels – just $20! We’re also happy about another great tip: due diligence should always go hand-in-hand with hobbies like collecting figures; which means double.

It turns out that Japanese figurines are just as common in America. You’ll be able to find them at many retailers including Toys R Us and GameStop! That’s because these figures share the same values for bonuses across all consoles worldwide so if you buy an American version instead of another country’s edition (Rockman vs Megaman), then when playing compatible games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Xenoverse 2. Your progress will still carry over even though their names may differ slightly – this also goes vice versa too(ie: Rock man not available but there is Capcom Street Fighter Pl). 

Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Amiibo 

Japanese amiibo are Japanese video game actor toys designed for use with the Nintendo Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS. These Japanese amiibo toys work with Japanese games by recognizing the Japanese amiibo chip inside them. Japanese amiibo include Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter Stories, Fire Emblem Fates (if you live in the Japanese amiibo region, of course), and more.

Japanese amiibo come in Japanese retail stores just like any other Japanese video game actor toys, but they’re also sold on eBay and Amazon by Japanese amiibo collectors, who generally buy Japanese amiibo just to resell them at a higher price than the original. 

Japanese Amiibo VS American Amiibo

One of the hardest things to find in stores today is Japanese amiibo. It is an exclusive Japanese toy that unlocks new content and features in video games. 

Japanese amiibo and American amiibo work for Japanese and American video games only. They also have the Japanese language on the box, which makes them very hard to find in stores today. Japanese amiibe are not as popular as American amiibo as Japanese consumers would rather buy games to make them it worth it.  

Most Popular Amiibo Figures In Japan

Amiibo is a hot new toy in Japan. With more than twenty models available, it can be hard to keep up with all the Amiiqos that have been released so far! 

If you want one but don’t see your favorite character on this list then I recommend checking out White Rabbit Express where they carry different versions of many popular Amiiboos as well as some rarer ones too.

1. Yarn Yoshi

2. R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch

3. Squid from Splatoon

4. Ness and Lucas from Mother (Earthbound)

5. Lucina, Chrom, and Marth from Fire Emblem

Where Can I Get My Favorite Amiibo?

Now that you know Japanese Amiibo are recognized by all Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U consoles worldwide the bonuses will be different depending on where they come from. For example, if you buy a Rockman amiibo instead of Megaman (the character name) then in compatible games your new figurine won’t unlock any extra features.

But it’s still recognized as being one-of-a-kind even though there might be two figures released under these names with similar appearance or capabilities. 

The point we want to make here is: “Now that Japan has become an official market for importing gamers’ favorite toys – more specifically including video game-related merchandise such as collectible figures – many Americans have been able to bring their collections home!” 

Why Import Nintendo Figures From Japan?

Japan is the Land of Rising Sun, and it has been for centuries. This makes sense because Japan’s most popular game company Nintendo can be found here too! You may ask why would you want to buy Amiibo figures from another country when they are sold cheaper than their Western versions? There could be a few reasons: firstly some fans prefer getting certain characters such as Link or Mario in particular colors so buying them on release day guarantees that option; secondly there might just not yet have been an Amiibos released available with your preferred character but if enough time goes.

Are Japanese Import Amiibos Different?

The only difference between North American, European, and Japanese Amiibo is what country it’s from. So you can use them all just as interchangeably except for its packaging which will determine. Where your figurine comes from in terms of how it looks on top or inside respectively. Because each region has its own design style attached to them through color schemes like blue skies Florida versus grey London weather but makes no matter whether they’re smiling faces looking up at us humans who don’t always get along so well sometimes, either way, there should be plenty enough variety waiting ready whenever someone decides that getting into collecting these things might actually.

Are Japanese Amiibos More Expensive In The USA?

The prices of Japanese amiibo may be cheaper from 3rd parties, but that’s because there are many easier ways for people in Japan to get JP figures than North American ones. Sellers on the other side have a lot more trouble getting their hands on US stock so they can afford to charge premium rates while those living overseas don’t face nearly as much supply constraints and thus need less money upfront for purchasing new products

The price difference between domestically made toys like video games versus imported goods such as figurines or action figures has long been debated among collectors worldwide – some say one type costs too much compared with another; others dispute these claims altogether! One thing we do know: certain markets will always fetch higher premiums over others based upon. 


Japanese Amiibo is a fun way to unlock all sorts of content. You might be wondering how they work, so here’s the lowdown: when an Amiibo is scanned with your Nintendo Wii U GamePad or compatible device (such as iPhones), it unlocks bonuses in certain games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Xenoverse 2!

A little knowledge can go a long way with these NFC figurines from Nintendo – not only do you get access to Japanese versions on consoles worldwide but there isn’t any Region Lock either meaning even if someone else has bought them for their friend who lives overseas this Christmas then he/she still gets access too through his [insert name] Amie- intestine ingestion implant replacement system figure. 

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