Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA [What You Need To Know]

Kilkenny beer was created by the Carlow Brewing Company of Kilkenny, Ireland.

The word ‘Kilkenny’ is synonymous with Irish brewing tradition and has become a favorite name for many beers sold all over the world. This particular brand, however, is unique in that it was specifically developed for export to the United States of America.

Everything You Need To Know About Kilkenny Beer

Everything You Need To Know About Kilkenny Beer

Nowadays Kilkenny Beer is brewed at St James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin with distribution throughout Europe and Asia Pacific regions with limited availability in Great Britain.

But why not consider the historic association between Ireland & America? It’s now perfectly possible to enjoy Guinness Stout at its source with an authentic Irish experience! The range of Kilkenny brews is permanently available in most states but bottled Kilkenny Draught can be found in certain parts of the USA. 

Let’s investigate how Kilkenny is now available as a lager to suit those who demand a premium product that is both refreshing and easy-drinking. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce this truly exquisite beer representing excellence and tradition at its finest. Nowadays, Kilkenny has well and truly ‘arrived’, and for those who like a smooth complementary flavor (without overpowering bitterness) – we feel you’ll agree that it’s hard not to ‘love – this – beer!’

History Of Kilkenny Beer In The USA

Kilkenny Beer was born with an almost identical twin sister called Déirdre after their father, Déirdre Carlow Brewing Company! The sisters were born in 1989 and their mother, Sarah Joyce (brewer) who was also director of the company. Sadly, they lost their father (and homebrew master), Dermot Carlow, and his beautiful black mongrel dog called Maxie who went on to ‘become’ the famous Kilkenny logo.

In fact, when you drink a glass of Kilkenny Beer you are enjoying the fruits of over three generations’ knowledge and expertise in brewing, each one with a love for beer! The brothers John & Jim – great-grandsons of founder Michael Cullinane – have been instrumental in developing this popular brand since 2000 when they took over from their mother. 

Kilkenny is now held in high esteem in many countries and it’s no wonder why. When Ireland was ranked the third biggest beer producer in the world for years (1990/2002), they were using only six percent of capacity! The Carlow Brewing Company used to produce Kilkenny Lager, Stout, and Porter but now concentrates on their leading brand which is produced at the Dublin plant. It’s also sold in Poland where it is brewed under license by Zakłady Piwowarsko-Saksy Pokój Sp. z o.o (ZPS).

Kilkenny Lager has a bitter flavor obtained from its main ingredients: maize, barley malts, and cereal grains with added hop flavoring derived from American aroma hops and European noble-type hops. The brewing method is largely the same as used to produce Guinness with an infusion mash rather than a decoction.

As expected, Kilkenny has a clean fresh aroma and flavor with a lovely creamy head that is long-lasting with an off-dry aftertaste balanced by the presence of carbonation in its texture which creates a smooth drinkability with hints of sweetness. It has a medium body characterized by good retention, due in part to the high-quality ingredients used in production – together with excellent filtration prior to packaging in kegs, casks, or bottles.

Kilkenny’s distinctive creamy head makes it one of Ireland’s most popular beers brewed under license for distribution exclusively in the USA since 1997.

Top 3 Place To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The United States

Top 3 Place To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The United States

Kilkenny is now available in the majority of states in the USA with wide availability within cities such as NYC, Boston, Miami, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago.

However, it is not distributed throughout the USA and should be ordered through a wholesaler/distributor or found on tap at Irish bars and restaurants. Some places to check include Patrick’s Pub (NYC), O’Brien’s (Miami), The Tipperary Inn (Chicago).

1. Patrick’s Pub (NYC):

You can get Kilkenny beer in Patrick’s pub. It is located in the Union Square part of NYC and is a great place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It offers good Irish food, and Guinness Beer.

It also hosts parties that include free drinks; an event they call “The Shot Blast”. You can book your tickets online via their website.

2. O’Brien’s (Miami):

If you are visiting Miami, Florida you should really consider visiting O’Brien’s Irish Pub; it serves Kilkenny beer on tap which they make very easy to order by putting a big ‘K’ on top of a Guinness glass.

3. The Tipperary Inn (Chicago):

Chicago has a strong historical relationship with the Irish American community, and this is evident in The Tipperary Inn that offers live traditional music on St. Patrick’s Day – not to mention delicious food and of course Kilkenny beer!

The pub itself was opened in 1968 by brothers Mick & Pat O’Malley who still own it. It has since become a historical landmark due to its role as one of the most popular Irish bars in Chicago where there are many events hosted throughout the year such as traditional music sessions every Wednesday. It is located at 2648 North Halsted Avenue, Chicago IL 60614 USA.


Kilkenny is a popular drink that has been going for over two hundred years even though it’s only been produced commercially for half of that time. It wasn’t until the 1990s when Kilkenny really took off. There are a lot of myths and legends about beer but one thing is for sure, Ireland’s gift to the world now brings joy to many people all over America!

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