NordVPN Server Location in USA [All You Need To Know]

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit. This may not be the beginning of a beautiful story, but for anyone who has been connected to an internet cafe or public WiFi hot spot, it’s likely all too familiar. In the past several year’s public access connections have often been less than desirable – crowded and prone to snooping if not monitored properly by IT staff. Now more businesses are moving towards private networks, but what is a user on the go to do? Well, if you’re a Windows mobile device user there’s NordVPN.

All You Need To Know About NordVPN

All You Need To Know About NordVPN

Conniving friends see one too many episodes of Homeland and decide it would be cool to share classified government secrets over email. When those emails lead straight back to their IP address, their ISP will likely cancel their internet connection.

But not all is lost – unless you’re in China. By using a virtual private network, or VPN for short, you can gain complete privacy while online. This way when in an internet cafe or other public place, it’s impossible to find out which websites users are visiting. Instead of ISPs singling out individual computers, they see only the IP address assigned by the VPN service provider. They are then directed over secure web protocols to the company servers rather than your computer where everything looks valid until it actually gets there. NordVPN claims that once users log onto their servers it gets harder to trace traffic back to their original computer.

A useful tool for anyone concerned with tracking and privacy, it’s still not foolproof. For example, if anyone were able to intercept the data being sent over the VPN they would see only encrypted code that is indecipherable without a password or key. Using public WiFi at airports, cafes and other places users tend to leave their laptops unattended for extended periods of time can make it easy for someone to target your device. If privacy is still a concern when traveling abroad, NordVPN offers servers located in Panama, the Bahamas, Seychelles, and more.

And privacy isn’t all NordVPN has to offer — they’re also big believers in internet freedom. As one of very few companies allowed access into China while operating under normal conditions, they have many customers that are restricted from accessing even web-based content. But NordVPN has plenty of servers located in Hong Kong to allow users full access to the web without having to worry about being monitored by the Chinese government, or anyone else for that matter.

Nordvpn Server Locations In The USA

In addition to their many server locations, NordVPN makes it easy for users to connect. Not only do they offer a simple user interface with a kill switch, support for smartphones and tablets in addition to PCs and Macs, but the software is also lightweight with no unnecessary add-ons or third-party advertisements taking up bandwidth. Users can easily switch servers on the fly without having to log out of an account or requiring extra steps when switching from one device to another – just sign into your account on any computer and away you go!

With so many different VPN providers online it’s worth investigating different services, especially if one offers a free trial period until you’re sure that the service works well with your needs. The sheer number of customers makes it difficult for even the largest companies to avoid outages at some point, especially if they’re located within China. With a free trial period, users can feel confident that this won’t be an issue before paying for long-term use.

NordVPN Pricing & Plans

At only $11.95 per month, it’s certainly worth a look for any user who needs an extra layer of protection while using public WiFi networks. Particularly when combined with NordVPN’s six simultaneous connections allowed, business travelers can protect their data no matter where they are in the world. Their service works on Windows Vista/7/8(RT)/8(Pro), Mac OS X 10.6+, Linux Ubuntu 12+, Android 4+, iOS 8+, and more. For more information check out their support page, or download their NordVPN application before signing up.

Once again it’s worth mentioning that VPNs are legal in most countries, but if you are planning on using one for any reason do your research first. Some countries have legislation prohibiting the use of this service, others may only allow them to be used by select groups such as businesses and government agencies – check local laws before subscribing to any VPN provider.

What Is VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts data before sending it over a public or non-secure network, adding another layer of security to the original data. This makes it much more difficult to intercept traffic or track any activity back to the user’s original device. Users who are concerned about their safety while traveling may find this feature particularly useful, as would anyone who doesn’t want others seeing what they’re doing online – whether that’s for preserving anonymity or just because you feel like it!

So long as users have logged into their NordVPN account before connecting to the internet via untrusted networks they will be safe from prying eyes. Using standard protocols including OpenVPN and PP, along with SSL 256bit encryption

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It works by creating an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your computer and other computers on the network. Anything that passes through this tunnel cannot be read or viewed by anyone else, making it perfect for personal browsing when connected to public WiFi networks. As an additional security measure, VPNs work differently than proxies in that they encrypt all outgoing data coming from your device – while a proxy only changes the address of where you are sending information so it can’t be traced back to you.


NordVPN is a great way to protect yourself and stay safe online. Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of security when using public WiFi or concerned about government monitoring at home – NordVPN has something for everyone! And their trial period makes it easy to test the VPN service before spending any money. It’s incredibly easy to use on almost any device due to server location and support for mobile devices as well as PCs and Macs – users can even set up NordVPN on their router for full protection across every connected device in their house! The team behind this product has been hard at work since 2012 with over ten million customers served.

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