Top 10 Fun College Dorm Party Ideas

From university-themed custom wine glasses to apps that match your college’s mascot, the internet offers a variety of entertaining and creative ways to help you bring your college dorm room to life.

Like the idea of playing the drinking age game but don’t want to drink? Dance offs and juice pong can also be fun ideas for a party in your dorm.

When deciding what kind of party atmosphere you want, one idea is sticking to a theme – whether it be one of your school’s sports teams, your favorite TV show, or something else entirely. Putting an effort into planning will make this event even better than anticipated.

Here Are The Top 10 College Dorm Party Ideas

 Top 10 College Dorm Party Ideas

1. Drink The (pizza) Age

From pizza games to pizza eat-offs, pizza and drink games can be a great way to end the night. Have a pizza party for your dorm party and make a game out of drinking the age. This is one of the most fun ways to end a night of partying.

If you want to get started on your pizza game, here are some games to play.

1. Pi-ghetti Pizza

2. Beer pong

3. Drinking the age game

4. Movie Drinking Game

5. Cheers to Your Age

6. Pi-ghetti Pie Eating

7. Pi-ghetti Pie Drink

8. Pi-ghetti Pie Drink-off

9. Pi-ghetti Pizza Eating

10. Pi-ghetti Pizza Eating – Off

2. Room Escape

What’s better than having a room party? Having a room escape. The fun of this game is finding the room you’re in, but it’s also a great way to learn about your dorm room.

Make your room a scene from a horror movie and have some of your friends scare you. Or, turn it into a game where you try to figure out where you are in the room.

3. Let’s Pretend

If you’re having a house party and want to have some sort of “get to know each other” game, you can play “Let’s Pretend”.

Tell a story about something you do or don’t know about your roommate and have them guess. It’s a great way to get to know them better.

If you want to get started on your game, here are some games to play.5 questions

Room party stories

4. Happy House Party

Another fun way to have a house party is to have a “Happy House Party”.

Give each of your friends a card with a different color on it.

When your friend arrives, tell them to follow a different color around the room.

When your friend finds the color, they must guess who you are.

5. Guess The People

If you’re having a party with a group of friends, you can have them guess the people you’re talking to.

The game is simple: You take turns guessing what your friends are talking about.

The first person who guesses correctly wins.6. Have a Board Game Party

If you want to have a board game party, you can create a board game night.

If you want to start this party, here are some board games to play.

7. Get A Dorm Dressed

One of the best ways to get your dorm room ready for a party is to get a dorm dressed.

You can decorate your dorm room by getting it dressed. If you’re looking for some great ideas for a dorm room party, here are some great ideas for a dorm room dress.

1. theme

2. song

3. quests

4. games

5. drinks

6. snacks

7. music

8. dress codes

8. Guess Who Is What: 

Another way to have a dorm party is to have a guessing game.

Have your friends guess who is what. For example – Tell a secret: Have your friends guess what secret you have.

9. Icebreaking Activities. 

But what about the icebreakers themselves? Some of the most memorable icebreakers include:

1. Photo-op: Have your friends take pictures with you in your best dress and pose for the camera.

2. Mannequin Challenge: This is one of the best and most popular icebreakers.

3. Tell a joke: Tell a joke to get the party started.

4. Prank your friends: This is another great way to get the party started.

5. What is your best quality? Ask your friends what they think your best quality is. Then, challenge your friends to try and guess what it is.  This is a great icebreaker for when you have a group of friends that are close.

6. Let’s play a game: Have your friends guess a random game.

7. Take a quiz: Have your friends take a quiz and guess what they got wrong.

8. Guess what I am wearing: Have your friends guess what you’re wearing under your shirt.

9. Let’s do a beauty pageant: Have your friends dress up as their favorite beauty pageant.

10. I will dance for you: Have your friends dance for you.

11. Let’s sing a song: Have your friends sing a song together.

12. What is your dream job?: Ask your friends what their dream job is.

10. Uno Drinking Game

One of the best ways to have a dorm party is to have a game night.

To play this game, you can make up your own rules or play an already made-up game.

How To Handle The Worst Thing Of Your Party? 

There are so many things that can go wrong when planning a party for your college students, so here are some tips on how to throw the best college dorm party.

1. Rent tables, chairs, and a cutting board from your campus food service. These can be inexpensive but will last for years when you move to a new dorm room or apartment. You gain so much inconvenience by having them here instead of buying them individually! Other small items will go a long way to turn any party into an extravaganza, such as balloon animals at the door, cotton candy machines outside of the common areas with paper plates inside, or cheap plasticware instead of the nice china that you use.

2. Disasters can come from even the simplest things too! Before your guests have arrived check to make sure all trash cans are emptied and any construction items on campus have been put away. Make sure there is plenty of ice in each refrigerator for soda bottles as well as fruit cups or pies to keep fresh, mosquito coils available if needed (be careful not to light too many at once), and bring in some blankets for people to sit on so they don’t have to stand. Donations of food or bake sales help too, even if it’s just a few dollars unless you live in the dorm with all the freshest and most gourmet food stocked by Hallmark! Olympic-sized balloons are always a hit with kids, but bring in a few extra just because. They can also accompany a cake topper or balloon animal for another surprise when the guests arrive! Or try out some of your Halloween decorations (spooky face masks and spider webs work well on their own) on this night instead.

3. Have party favors like little bags of candy that will never get pasted into movie reviews during film class later. Or little rubber duckies and other cheap surprises. Again with the cheap theme, try out some of those cheap decorations you didn’t put away for this occasion! You don’t need a fancy flashlight or big helium balloon as long as it is functional (gives off good light) such as an old flashlight from home if candles aren’t available at your university’s residence halls. Offer to bring in any drinks that might be needed like alcohol or soda pop, and if there are any dangerous chemicals to be brought in like lighter fluid, etc. make sure the person attending understands what you want them to bring in.

4. We all know that kids can get real rowdy during a party and will need some supervision (especially when they find out about the surprise afterward) but this is where I would suggest establishing ground rules beforehand such as; clean up your own mess unless one of your helpers volunteered to clean up your mess. No food or drink is allowed in the Residence Hall during business hours unless you get permission from a person there beforehand to bring it. No unattended beer is accepted, especially if you don’t have any of your own! Last but not least definitely make sure another human being is present when requesting alcohol on campus, otherwise the administration will never let anyone legally over 21 enter their “party zone”.

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