Top 5 Double Cream Substitutes In USA [Where Can You Find]

Double cream is the best option for making whipped creams! It has a butterfat content of 42%, which can be hard to find in America. You could use “heavy cream” instead of with at least 36%. Avoid ultra-pasteurized versions because they’re more difficult than light or regular types and don’t give off that clean fresh taste like double does.”

Double cream is a luxurious dairy product that can be hard to find in the U.S., but there are substitutes you may use instead. 

What Is Double Cream? 

Double cream is the best way to make your favorite dish taste better. It elevates all of its flavor parts, from sweet fruits like bananas or strawberries into luxurious desserts that are impossible with other types of milk-based sauces. 

A lot goes into making this dairy product: 40% butterfat! I can’t believe how delicious heavy whipping cream tastes when compared side by side against regular buttermilk – somehow it melts in your mouth more than ever before while still providing an indulgent sense because who doesn’t love luxury? But if you find yourself without access due to either cost or availability then don’t worry too much; just substitute “heavy” which has at least 36%.

5 Best Double Cream Substitutes In The USA

Best Double Cream Substitutes In The USA

1. Substituting Butter And Milk For Heavy Cream

A cup of heavy cream can be made from butter and whole milk. To do this, melt the 1/4 cup in a pan over low heat before slowly whisking 3/4 cups warm liquid into it until combined (about 4 minutes). The result will still have some firmness but not enough to create stiff peaks as you would with an actual quartet or pint; we recommend substituting for smaller quantities such as 1 Tbsp at most when baking recipes that call out “heavy” creams instead.

An easy DIY super substitute: Simply add more water if needed during the blending process.

2. Substituting Milk For Heavy Cream

A milk substitute? You bet! Whole, low-fat dairy products can be a great option for some recipes. At 3.5% fat content it’s not as rich and creamy in comparison to cow’s milk but is still an effective ingredient when substituting into mashed potatoes or fluffy scrambled eggs with added flour.

So they don’t separate later on – just remember that you’ll have plenty without adding too much extra cereal powder if using this product instead of regular whole cream normally used while baking at lower temperatures typically found more often than not nowadays. 

3. Substituting Crème Fraîche For Heavy Cream

Crème fraîche, like sour cream, is a cultured cream that has been naturally thickened with bacteria. It’s even heavier than the traditional version of this dairy staple and contains 30% fat content on average! But don’t worry.

Because it gets its tangy taste through natural fermentation rather than added chemicals or pasteurization technique as in conventional production methods for “traditional” creams where cultures are used instead to give them an interesting flavor profile different from other types you might find at your grocery store shelf. 

4. Substituting Coconut Milk For Heavy Cream

If you’re vegan or have a dairy allergy, coconut milk is your best choice. It has the same rich and creamy texture as heavy cream but also packs in flavor so keep that in mind when choosing this substitute!

Coconut Cream can even be whipped into an impressive frosting for cupcakes with just two tablespoons worth of fat per cake layer- perfect if we need some tasty treats without all those extra calories from buttercreams usually found at birthday parties these days.

5. Substituting Sour Cream For Heavy Cream

Sour cream is a great substitute for heavy cream in many recipes. However, it can’t replace dairy if you’re trying to make sweet desserts or whipped toppings.

Because of the sourness that will be present. Try using this curdled milk as an ingredient in white chili with sugar used instead of granulated–it’s delicious!

Sour cream is a popular dairy alternative because it has the consistency and sourness of heavy cream, but with 20% less fat. Use this replacement in place of regular or light versions when cooking recipes that call for both types together to get just what you want without having any extra calories!

Interesting Facts About Double Cream

Interesting Facts About Double Cream

When cows are milked, the cream rises to the top and is skimmed off during processing. Cream adds richness and flavor that you can’t find anywhere else!

Did we mention it’s much fattier than whole milk? And heavy whipping cream has at least 36% butterfat content. You’ll want one in your fridge because they will work just like other types of dairy products too-including when making rich desserts or sauces for an amazing ice-cold soup on a hot day. 

This cream is used in everything from homemade cake recipes to rich winter soups, so it’s beneficial to have on hand. While you’re reading your recipe make sure that the baking powder has been mentioned too! If not just take a look at our substitutes for this essential ingredient – they’ll come in handy while cooking up some delicious treats with friends or family members later today

But what if you don’t have any cream? Try reaching for one of these heavy substitutes instead. Just keep in mind that flavor and fat content will determine where you can safely make a substitution, so be sure to use it sparingly or avoid substituting at all when using yogurt as an ingredient! For example, milk doesn’t contain enough molecules called “lactose sugars” which are responsible for keeping its texture smooth without adding anything else like sugar syrup; while some yogurts do contain this type – check the label before buying since even small amounts may cause digestive upset (especially children under 12).


Double cream is a popular ingredient in many recipes, due to its rich taste and texture. Double cream, also known as heavy cream, contains at least 40 percent milkfat by volume. It has a very high smoke point of approximately 200° Fahrenheit (93° Celsius) which makes it good for frying.

One problem that can occur with these substitutes, though, is being unable to purchase them where you live. It can be hard to find in some regions and countries. Fortunately, there are several substitutes that can be used in lieu of double cream when cooking or baking.

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