Where To Buy Puppers Beer In The USA [All You Need To Know]

Puppers is a beer brand that was first introduced in 1955. Puppers has its head office located in the USA and also breweries there as well as some other countries where the Puppers beer takes part of the market.

Puppers beers are known for their high quality, not only because of the water they use but also because of the hops they use to brew them. The brewer that made it famous had more than 20 years of experience with different kinds of hops and he passed his knowledge to brewers who worked with him at Puppers.

History OPuppers Beer

The dark and light lager under the name of puppies is one of our most popular products: we pride ourselves on this product’s purity and fresh taste. It is nitrogenated so it produces a creamy and long-lasting head.

Puppers is a great beer, and it has been loved by many people over time. It has won awards for the quality of the ingredients they use to make their beers.

There are different types of Puppers beer available in the USA at this time: Puppy Dark, Puppy Lager, Northwest Style Pale Ale, and Sunshine wheat. All of these taste really delicious!

Puppers beers are brewed using only natural ingredients without any chemical additives. This guarantees that every glass of puppies is just as pure as the first one.

The brewery was founded by two brothers who combined their knowledge about hops with traditional brewing skills to produce craft beers that take part in the market nowadays. The water also plays an important role in the brewing process, as it comes from a well that is famous for being one of the best sources of water for brewing beer.

The Puppers brand is popular in many countries and the company exports beers to more than 60 countries around the world. The company has been passed down through generations, and it is still going strong today. Thanks to its good quality, Puppers has managed to maintain its place in the market for so many years.

If you’re looking for a delicious and high-quality beer, then Puppers is the perfect option for you! Try out one of their beers today and you won’t be disappointed. You can find Puppers beers at most liquor stores in the USA.

Where To Buy Puppers Beer In The USA

Where To Buy Puppers Beer In The USA

Here are 20 places where you can buy Puppers beer in the USA:

1. Total Wine & More

You can buy Puppers beer in Total Wine & More. They have locations all around the USA.

2. BevMo!

If you’re looking for a specific type of Puppers beer that your favorite liquor store doesn’t carry, then try visiting BevMo! You might be able to find what you’re looking for here as they have many different flavors to choose from.

3. Safeway

You can find Puppers beer at Safeway stores in the USA.

4. Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet also sells Puppers beer in some of their stores in the USA.

5. Walmart

Puppers beer is also available at Walmart stores in the USA.

6. Target

Target also sells Puppers beer in some of their stores across the USA.

7. Liquor Stores

Liquor stores usually carry a variety of different types of Puppers beers. You should be able to find at least one type of Puppers beer at your local liquor store.

8. Cost Plus World Market

You can also buy Puppers beer at Cost Plus World Market stores in the USA.

9. Beers of the World

Beers of the World is a liquor store that specializes in selling different types of beers from all over the world. You can find a variety of Puppers beers here.

10. Kegs & Growlers

Kegs & Growlers is a liquor store that specializes in selling kegs and growlers of beer. They have a wide selection of Puppers beers to choose from.

11. Whole Foods Market

You can also buy Puppers beer at Whole Foods Market stores in the USA!

12. Costco

Costco is another store where you can find different types of Puppers beers for sale in the USA.

13. Albertson’s Grocery Stores

You can also buy Puppers beer at Albertson’s grocery stores in the USA.

14. Ralphs Grocery Stores

Ralphs also sells Puppers beer in some of their stores across the USA.

15. King Soopers Grocery Stores

King Soopers is a Kroger brand, and you can buy Puppers beer at their stores in the USA.

Fun Facts Of Puppers Beer In The USA

1. Puppers has been in the market for many decades and it’s available to taste at different types of parties in the USA, such as weddings and graduations.

2. The brand is particularly popular among college students in the USA who like drinking a cold beer after a long day of classes!

3. You can find more than 30 different types of beers from Puppers on their website.

4. In addition, you can find some information about the Puppers beer on this website, including the brewing process and how to pour a perfect glass of beer.

5. Puppers brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Finland and it’s also the sixth-largest brewery in the country.

6. The company exports beers to more than 60 countries around the world!

7. Puppers has a variety of different types of beers, such as lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, dark beers, and fruit beers.

8. Puppers has won multiple awards for their beers, such as the world’s best wheat beer and best Citra lager!

9. They also have a tradition of awarding those who drink too much beer during national holidays in Finland with gold medals!

10. During these special occasions, the brewery gives away gold medals to anyone who drinks 15 large glasses or 6 ½ gallons of beer!

11. They are given out by the winners to anyone they deem worthy enough to receive one, which is why some people hang them on their walls after obtaining them!

12. The company used to sell more than 500 000 bottles of beer every day back in 2008 but now sells less than half that amount thanks to increasing competition from other breweries.

13. However, the company has maintained its high-quality standards for their beers and continues to brew them with utmost care!

14. Puppers also helps its community by donating funds through their foundation to outdoor sports organizations across Finland!

15. Some of their most famous brands include Kesäkurpitsa (Pumpkin), Mansikka-Vihreä (Strawberry-Green), Valkoinen Ankka (White Duck), Vuoksi-Sininen (Lake Vuoksa) and many others!

16. If you’re looking for a cold beer after work or just want to have some fun during your next house party, then you should definitely buy some Puppers beers!

17. And finally, the company is always coming up with new and innovative beers, so you’ll never run out of choices if you’re a fan of Puppers!


The Finnish brewery has been a favorite among beer drinkers in the USA for many years now, and it’s easy to see why! With over 30 different types of beers to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will quench your thirst. In addition, the brewing process is fully described on their website, so you can learn more about how their beer is made. If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, then look no further than a Puppers’s party!

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