Who Delivers SF Express In The USA? [ All You Need To Know]

SF Express is a very reputable logistics company, having received more than 30 industry awards since 2013 for its customer service and technological advancements. SF, as it’s often abbreviated to, was founded in 1993 as the first express mail company of China SF has experienced rapid growth over the years and has become one of the largest integrated logistics service providers in China. SF offers a wide range of express services, including SF Express Couriers, SF Express Parcels, SF Smart Logistics Network, and SF e-commerce solutions.

They have a fleet of about 11,000 courier vehicles and 30 cargo aircraft transporting 1 million parcels every day to over 40 countries and regions. It is the only Chinese courier that provides international door-to-door shipping service.

SF Express was founded in 1993 by Wang Wei with money he borrowed from friends to start his business, making it one of China’s first delivery companies. In the beginning, they were providing express service using an electric bicycle for local deliveries but later expanded to motorcycles, cars, and trucks.

Who Does SF Express Transfer To In The US?

In 2011 SF Express was granted a license to operate cross-border e-commerce from China into foreign markets, which enabled the United States of America and international expansion. In 2013 they created SF Holding as the parent company for all their subsidiaries. They started acquiring companies outside of China that offered complementary services or had existing business in countries and regions where SF Express wanted to expand.

Sanfeng Express delivers only to the 48 contiguous states of the U.S. The company has no retail operations within the country, and instead works through wholesale partners such as DHL eCommerce and FedEx Corporation.

SF Express’s U.S. headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, and maintains branch offices in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. All shipments from the U.S. go through these three hubs before arriving in China.

SF Express USA delivers to all 50 states of the United States. Some areas in New York City require payment for delivery, which is not included with shipping rates. They also have partnered with DHL eCommerce and FedEx Corporation to better serve customers in Hong Kong. 

Shipping Rates Of SF Express

SF Express delivers small packages under 50 lbs. to the 48 contiguous states of the U.S at a rate of $36 for the first pound plus $7 per additional pound. Weight does not include packaging.

SF Express offers flat rates to Hawaii and Alaska at $45 for the first pound plus $9 per additional pound. SF Express can ship to APO and FPO addresses in the U.S., using USPS as a logistics provider for overseas shipments.

How Do I Track SF Express In The USA?

SF Express provides online tracking of all domestic shipments, with a 5-7 business day delivery window from the date of processing. They also offer a 100% fulfillment guarantee, as long as a customer has a valid tracking number.

SF Express offers free storage for all domestic shipments for 30 days after the date of shipment and 10 days for international packages.

Domestic parcels may be held without reference to payment or storage charges up to 62 days from the date of shipment. To deliver to remote or inaccessible areas, SF Express uses a local delivery service, which may include bicycle couriers.

The company also provides international services beyond the U.S., including all countries in North America, South America, and Europe. Sanfeng Express is committed to becoming a data-driven company that offers independent third-party logistics solutions by relying on its advanced information technology infrastructure.

How Long Does SF Express Take To Deliver To USA? 

SF Express has a US-based service center that delivers small parcels from China to all the 50 states in the United States within 3~7 business days. SF Express is well known for its reliability and customer service, with a 99.9% on-time delivery rate.

The logistics services are available in most countries, with more than 100 outlets throughout SF Express’s global network. Every day, SF Express processes thousands of parcels around the world through its transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and other services.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) works with SF Express for deliveries from China into America. It provides the most efficient way to move small parcels from China quickly and safely all over the United States.

As an international express carrier, SF Express provides door-to-door delivery service to more than 200 countries and regions, which is the largest network among all international express carriers.

Does USPS Deliver SF Express?

Shipping with USPS is complicated. If you’re looking to save money on shipping, then a hybrid solution could be the way forward for your company! SF Express will first use their network of delivery trucks before sending them onto an overseas carrier who delivers packages right into people’s hands around the Asia Pacific rim – all thanks to one simple contract between us and our wonderful freight forwarding partner at Global Relay Services LLC.

USPS Hybrid Solutions uses just enough carriers in order from front-end loaders (first mile) up until the last few miles where international air freight companies come on board as “last Mile”

Does SF Express Deliver On Saturday?

Pickup and delivery services are available from Monday to Friday, but not on Saturday or Sunday. These days of the week cannot be chosen for pick up because they’re often reserved by businesses who need their shipments delivered fast to maintain efficiency with production deadlines

Pickups can only happen during business hours – that means you’ll have a lot less wait time when ordering something if your preferred pickup date isn’t too far away! LCL’s offers same-day shipping upon request at an extra charge so there will always still be options even if it’s close to. 

Does SF Express deliver on Saturday?

SF Express is a company that mainly deals with international e-commerce orders from China to other countries. They do offer domestic parcel delivery services and more specialized ones as well though, which means they have different types of vehicles for delivering your item(s) at any location worldwide you want them delivered!

The majority, or around 80%, are domestically focused with overseas operations making up just under 20%. This means they have an extensive network throughout both rural areas and major cities so no matter how big your order might be-they’ll get it done!

SF Express has its headquarters based out of China and operates most of its fleet within the country itself meaning it’s heavily involved when transporting anything between countries like Japan or South Korea.


SF started delivering parcels domestically in 2009 after gaining the necessary licenses required to do so. Since then SF has expanded its reach by partnering with SF companies that operate all over China. SF Express was SF’s first SF Express Couriers began in 1993 SF delivers more than 750,000 parcels daily SF has 7,300 SF depots SF has over 90,000 members of staff SF offers 30 SF shipping routes SF Express is the fourth largest express enterprise worldwide.

SF Express is one of the largest integrated logistics service providers in China, the fourth largest express enterprise worldwide in terms of market capitalization, and is committed to becoming a data and technology-driven company providing independent third-party solutions. They are regarded as the second largest logistics industry in China after Alibaba and became one of the six major members (Logistics Management Corporation).

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