Best Disc Golf Courses In The USA [Everything You Need To Know]

There are around 13,500 disc golf courses in the United States, but only a few of them have the qualities that make a good course. There is always room for improvement at any course and many players think they can do it better.

Four times a year, Disc Golfer magazine releases its list of best disc golf courses in America (January, April, July, and October). It’s the one disc golfers look forward to seeing when it comes out.

The conditions of each course are taken into consideration when deciding the best course in each region. The tee pads, fairways, greens, and any other amenities must be in perfect condition before it can ‘beat’ another course.

Disc Golfer says that ‘The ideal course is a well-balanced mix of holes that challenge the players’ abilities in different ways, forcing him or her to execute a variety of lines and shapes. It’s not just bombers who can post low scores here. In fact, longer holes tend to be more difficult because there are more opportunities for mistakes. A strategically placed fairway wood or midrange disc can score just as many points, if not more, than a long bomb.

Top Disc Golf Courses In The United States

In the winter, when the snow is falling and temperatures are low, there is nothing more satisfying than playing a round of disc golf. However, not all courses make it as enjoyable as they could. The 10 best-rated courses in the US can offer you a lot of fun if you have time to spare and want to play around or two.

1 – Idlewild – Burlington, KY

This course is the home of three PDGA Majors and has been a finalist for ‘Best Course’ four times. It’s a well-maintained 18 hole course with professional tee pads, beautiful scenery, and many holes that will test your game.

2 – Pumpkin Ridge – North Plains, OR 

Pumpkin Ridge is the only course in the top 10 rated by both Disc Golfer magazine and PDGA. Nearly perfect conditions are provided for all players with descriptive signs, tee pads, and beautiful scenery spread across 18 holes. It’s officially one of the best disc golf courses in America.

3 – Moraine State Park – Dayton, OH

Moraine State Park is a course worthy of being called one of the best in America. The level of difficulty here is low but it compensates by providing excellent fairways and tee boxes that are always well maintained with benches around them for your comfort.

4 – Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf Course– Minnesota

The course offers 18 holes of disc golf with a variety of challenges for all players. It has beautiful scenery and great amenities that will make you want to come back to play this course time after time.

5 – Big Creek Park – Shelbyville, KY

This is another 18 hole course with beautiful scenery and great tee boxes. It is home to the Disc Golf Pro Tour Derby City Classic.

6 – Jones East Park – DeKalb, IL

A well-maintained 18 hole course where you will enjoy professional style tee pads, signs, baskets, and multiple pin positions. This is a must-play if you are in this area of the country.

7 – Tipton Park – Lexington, KY

This is another exceptional course with both professional and amateur tees, multiple pin positions, and beautiful scenery. The 18 hole layout provides nice hills to roll your discs down that will give you more challenge than just playing flat holes.

8 – Deer Lakes Park East – Greer, SC

Deer Lakes Park East is a well-maintained course with multiple pin positions and beautiful scenery. The best thing about this course is that it can be used as a practice area for those who are learning the sport of disc golf

9 – Gold Eagle DGC @ Harmony Park – Ft. Collins, CO

This course offers two 18 hole layouts that will test your skills to the extreme. The tee boxes are especially good here and all players will enjoy their time at this facility.

10 – Lincoln Park – Nacogdoches, TX 

This course offers 18 holes of great disc golf with great signs, tees, and baskets but it is often overcrowded due to its location. If you are lucky you can play around without meeting other players.

11 – Heritage Park – Wichita, KS 

The course is a well-maintained 18 hole layout where you will enjoy multiple pin positions and beautiful scenery spread across nice hills that offer plenty of challenge to all players. Layer’s’ abilities and can be considered one of the best disc golf courses in America. The type of terrain and layout make it an ideal place for beginners and professionals alike to enjoy this sport and stay fit while having fun.

12 – Brandywine Creek State Park – Wilmington, DE

Brandywine Creek State Park is a well-maintained 18 hole course with professional tee pads that have great signage, baskets, benches and the course layout itself is very challenging.

13- West Park – Muncie, IN

West Park is a well-maintained 18 hole course with nice tee boxes and multiple pin placements that provide a different challenge each time you play.

14 – Wildcat Bluff – Panther Burn Disc Golf Course – Jonesborough, TN

This course was designed for serious players and has lots of challenging terrains that will test your skills to the max. The course is always well maintained with professional tee boxes and signs, baskets, and multiple pin placements for all players of different

15 – Turkey Mountain Disc Golf Course – Tulsa, OK

This 18 hole course offers beautiful scenery spread across 2 different layouts where you will enjoy multiple baskets on each hole of various designs.

16– Riverbend DGC – Indianola, IA 

This is an exceptional 18 hole course that has 2 ponds that come into play on 11 holes. The tee boxes are excellent and signage is very good as well as having multiple pin positions for your challenge.

17 – Coyote Point Park – San Mateo, CA

This is a well-maintained 18 hole course that offers beautiful scenery and tee boxes with great signage. It has nice benches and multiple pin positions to challenge every type of player from beginner to professional.

18 – Morningside Nature Preserve – Rockford, IL

This course offers two 18 hole layouts that are both exceptional courses where you will enjoy challenging terrains and beautiful scenery. Tee boxes, signage, and multiple basket locations are all very good with this course.

19 – Bayonet Black Horse DGC – Monroeville, PA

This course offers 18 challenging holes from the professional tees where you will enjoy nice tee signs, baskets, and benches along with a great overall layout of the course.

Where Can You Play Disc Golf In The USA?

That depends on where you are. In the U.S., chances are that there’s a course nearby, and lots of people to play with. Disc golf is a sport played by an estimated 5 million players in the U.S. alone, and many more worldwide.


Disc golf is very popular in the United States and more courses are opening every year. From Missouri to California, New York to Florida; many states offer some of the best disc golf courses on earth. Disc golf is a good family activity and a good game to play with friends. Many of us love disc golf, but not everyone knows where the best courses are located.

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