6 Best Russian Tv In USA [All You Need To Know]

Russian television has been growing steadily throughout the US. Russian channels are now being viewed by millions of Americans every day, exposing them to a deluge of Russian propaganda.

“If you were watching [Russian] television, you would see excellent reviews of our campaigns,” said Walter Larson, the former US ambassador to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

He also said that “They will be almost entirely positive. You might think, my goodness, what is wrong with the Americans that they are engaged in this kind of savagery?”

History Of The Russian TV In The USA

History Of The Russian TV In The USA

The Russian government is determined to increase its viewership, despite the fact that most American public opinion is against Russian state media.

Russia Today television, a major Russian broadcaster, was recently required to register as a foreign agent in the United States.

The government of Russia has stated that the failure to name all Russian state media as foreign agents shows a “political censorship”.

Russian officials say that refusing to register foreign agents is an “outrageous violation of the principles of international law.”

Former U.S President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has accused Russia of interfering with the presidential election.

The American intelligence community has concluded that the Russian government was behind the hacking operation during last year’s presidential campaign on their tv in the USA. They believe that Russian propaganda influenced U.S voters.

The United States Justice Department recently ordered RT, another major Russian broadcaster, to register as a foreign agent. In addition, the United States intelligence community accused Russia of meddling with U.S presidential election.

The ministry has suggested that the number of propaganda Russian tv in the USA. “There is no way it can be seen as anything else but an unfriendly step, hostile action”.

Best Russian TV Providers In The USA

Best Russian TV Providers In The USA

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that their television channels would be available in America. However, Russian media mogul Mikhail Lesin said today that Russia is not yet ready to launch tv across the pond.

Russian tv is extremely popular in the United States. There have millions of viewers around the world, including many million Russians who are fluent speakers. Russia is a country with a rich and varied culture which has brought us such great writers as  Fyodor Dostoevsky, scientist  Ilya Mechnikov, writer Anton Chekhov. We’ve created a few Russian TV providers which are available in the USA. 

1 # Kartina.TV — Russian television worldwide

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Kartina.TV brings together over 200 of the most popular TV channels from Russia and around the world, all in one place with easy access for streaming on any device! Choosing what you want to watch has never been easier – whether it be sports commentary or cartoons–Kartina offers something that suits everyone’s taste buds perfectly. Watch your favorite Russian shows anytime wherever you are through this app in the USA. 

2 # Russian TV Company

The best way to keep in touch with family and friends is by watching TV. With delayed streaming, you can enjoy the pleasure of watching your favorite shows anytime or anywhere without having them wait for it on traditional media players like DVDs – which could take days!

Their Russian language-specific service provides kids an opportunity to learn about their culture while they’re entertained. There’s no better choice than just becoming one big happy household hooked up through video chat services so everyone gets what he/she wants out of this life. 

3 # TelekTV 

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Telek-TV, a Russian company that broadcasts in the United States and Canada. They have packages for every taste with high ratings on their channels to keep you interested!

Ever wanted to watch the best TV shows in America? Well, now’s your chance! Telek-TV has got just what you’re looking for. With their low prices and high-quality programming, they are sure not to disappoint anyone with this service that offers viewers ratings, winners, from all over North America at any time of day or night.

Telek-TV is a great service for those who want to watch their favorite shows, without having to pay too much. The package they offer has the highest ratings and includes channels like Russian Television in North America which features some really good programming!

4 # Ethnic Television Network (eTVnet)

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The ethnic television network is one of the largest players in the Russian online TV market. All you need to do is get access to their catalog which has blockbusters, action movies, and more! They have shown for kids with cartoons too so no matter what your preference is they will be able to find something worth watching on ethnic theater atvn.

The Ethnic TV Network (eTV-net) was established back in 2004 making it not only easy but also enjoyable well because all these channels can now be accessed through our website without any hassle whatsoever using just a few clicks. They offer ad-free content unlike most other sites out there. 

5 # Thema

THEMA has launched the first-ever Russian channels package in all French operator’s TV offers in the USA. This new premium channel lineup includes

1) Channel one Russia;

2) Dom Kino (Russian version of HBO);

3) Music Pervoyo – a music video station with hits from both domestic and international artists as well as classic rockers such as AC/DC or The Rolling Stones 4 Vremya (“Time”).

That broadcasts news programs produced by BBC World Service 5 Karusel television series about the culture around the world- 6 CTC Tvnica creatives community 7 THT Telekhona 8 RTR Planet 9TV1000 10 Gulli Girl11Tiji12. 

6 # Xfinity X1

Xfinity X1 is a new service from Comcast Cable which provides the best in Russian programming. They have channels specifically designed for viewers of all ages, so everyone can enjoy some great entertainment while learning about what’s going on back home or abroad!

Whether your favorite show features news updates and documentaries with insightful analysis by correspondents who cover Russia day-in/day-out; sitcoms like D nest Ivanov (superbly acted!). That makes you laugh until it hurts; films treating audiences to classic Soviet Era cinema such as Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece “Solaris”–this catalog has something waiting just right there at their fingertips.


Television in America is dominated by English language broadcasters, and this has been the case for decades. But if you were to flip through the channels and start watching Russian tv in the USA, you might be surprised to find that there are many Russian-language stations broadcasting shows to American viewers. Russian tv in the USA began in the 1990s. It has been a source of tension between Russia and America, especially during the Russian-Georgian war in 2008. Russians feel that their language is being suppressed in the USA, but this is because Russians have never had a strong Anglo-American population compared.

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