Best Way To Watch AFL In The USA [ All You Need To Know]

Aussie Rules Football has been a steadily growing sport in the USA since its beginnings in 1975. Currently, there are only four professional teams, but with the rise of Aussie Rules’ popularity and media exposure from recent international matches from Australia, this is a great time for a push to bring American interest up even more! The AFL Grand Final has been broadcast on Australian TV since 1987 and many people consider it a must-watch event. A lot of Americans have had this sport brought to them in the past couple of years due to ESPN broadcasting both preseason games and International rules football back in 2005. The most recent introduction was when NBC showed a match during their coverage of the Beijing Olympics which was an instant hit. America’s pastime, baseball, is getting older, and there are many who are beginning to look for sports to fill the gap left behind by it.

All You Need To Know About AFL

Aussie Rules Football has been described as “the best game you’ll ever see” which is very true! Many players say that they “don’t think it’s a sport, but more of an art-form” which is a great way to describe this fast-paced entertainment. It was founded in 1858 in Melbourne, Australia, and has grown ever since. It is a very free-flowing game with hardly any stoppages in play compared to other sports such as American football or rugby.

While it may be confusing at first, the basics are easy to pick up. Basically, there are two teams that play on either end of an oval-shaped field (a lot like a soccer field). The aim of the game is to kick (using their foot) or handball (using their arm) the ball over the other team’s line and into a huge goal. This makes it sound easy (and it usually is once you know the rules and strategy), but with there being no time-outs, players can play on for 80 minutes!

10 Ways To Watch AFL In The USA

1. Watch It On TV

The easiest way to watch AFL is to look for televised matches! NBC has sporadically shown Aussie Rules Football in the past few years, but recently they have begun broadcasting games each week during the Australian Football League season. ABC also broadcasts AFL games, usually when an American team is up against an International team.

Australian community radio stations, such as Triple J, broadcast AFL matches on the air. Most of these are streamed live online and archived if you miss them. If you just getting started with Aussie Rules Football, this is a great way to pick it up through watching the game!

AFL also has a website that will have match replays posted up on their site, which is definitely worth checking out.

2. Internet Broadcasts & Other Live Video Sources

If for some reason you cannot find any TV or radio coverage of AFL games, there are numerous other options! The official website, the best place to get all your Aussie Rules Football news.

If you are looking for live games, the AFL Live website is the place to go! For only $5.99 a game, you can watch all of your favorite Aussie Rules Football teams in action on your computer or mobile device. This is great if you cannot get access to ESPN or any other TV coverage in your area.

AFL can also be found on SBS’s The World Game website. This is the Australian Broadcasting Company’s website that gives you all the latest news and videos of Australian sports, including AFL. You can even purchase tickets for upcoming matches here!

3. iOS Devices & Apps

If you are an Apple fan, there are a couple of great apps you can get to watch AFL on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! The first is the official AFL app which gives you all the latest scores and news from around Australia. Another one is the Aussie Rules Live app which allows you to see a list of upcoming games and matches being broadcasted through TV. If you input your TV provider, you can even watch the game on your phone!

4. Android Devices & Apps

If you are an Android fan, there is also a great app available for you to help watch AFL on your mobile device! Aussie Rules Footy Match Day Guide is available through Google Play and gives you details of all upcoming AFL games including TV and radio details as well as a social media function to check up on all the commentary you may have missed.

5. Sports & Video Streaming Services

If you do not want to go through all those websites to watch AFL, there are even more services available that will allow you to catch your favorite team in action! Fox Soccer Plus is a part of the Fox Soccer Broadcast Network that has great Australian sports coverage, including AFL! You can watch Aussie Rules Football in high quality for $14.99 a month.

This is one of the most popular streaming services available in America with features such as cloud storage and playback across multiple devices. PlayStation Plus allows you to rent or buy individual TV shows and movies. For only $59.99 a year, you can get access to all of the AFL games and still be able to enjoy your favorite movies on Netflix!

6. Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox, there is a great app you can download through the Play Station Store called AFL Game Day. You can watch live games with this free app right on your Xbox!

7. Satellite TV

If you have a satellite dish, there are many Aussie Rules Football games that will be broadcast through Fox Soccer Plus and ESPN Game Plan. You can also get access to all of the archived games from previous seasons on these channels as well!

An Alternative Way To Watch AFL In The USA If You Cannot Get Access To Any Other Methods!

1. Social Media

Another great way to keep up with all your favorite AFL teams and players is through social media. The official AFL Facebook page is a great place to see what’s going on around Australia from news, scores, stats, videos, and photos! Another great Facebook page is the AFL Memes page, a funny way to keep up with all of your favorite Australian Rules Football teams. You can even use social media to ask questions and have them answered by coaches, players or fans! This is another way to connect with people from all over Australia as well as those living in America as well as people all around the world!

2. Radio

If you are not up to date with your technology, you can still catch AFL on the radio! The Australian Broadcasting Company website has a great live stream of local Arizona -based channels broadcasting AFL games throughout the season. You also have access to international broadcasts of matchday through sports streaming service


For more information on how to watch AFL in America, you can also check out the USAFL website! This will help you find matches and tournaments taking place all over the country. All of these methods let you keep up with your favorite team even when you are living abroad!

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