Where To Find Ambergris In USA [All You Need To Know]

Ambergris is a waxy substance that originates as a biliary secretion in the intestines of the sperm whale. Bit by bit, large pieces gather in the bowels where they are excreted or are thrown up during fevers. It has been observed that ambergris may be produced when intestinal irritation forces the sperm whale to vomit the contents of its stomach.

It may also be found in a parasitic infestation of body tissues by a small gastropod, “Limacina helicina”, the spindle-shaped black snail, which lives in coastal waters where whales tend to migrate. The ammoniacal fluids that drop from these mollusks on the whale’s skin, where they reside permanently, can turn into ambergris.

All You Need To Know About Ambergris

Ambergris is a waxy, solid substance that comes from the intestines of sperm whales. Freshly produced ambergris has an oceanic fecal smell and can be used as a perfume or in some kinds of cooking because it adds flavor without overpowering other ingredients with its strong scent.

However, this material may become less appealing over time since marine creatures produce natural aphrodisiacs such as skipper butterflies. That wings make them famous among amateur biologists who study insects at local parks on weekends during warm months. When they’re not busy chasing their own tails trying to live long enough for wintertime nip air back into town again then fall. 

The whale will rub its body against the rocks of the ocean to help dislodge these parasites; this may also contribute to the production of ambergris. The adult “L helicina” (the only species that causes this condition) lives in deep waters where it is impossible for ships to anchor.

It was once believed that ambergris came from the digestive tract of the sperm whale, where it was excreted as a highly valued byproduct of digestion. It was said that upon tasting or swallowing it, diseased or aging whales would immediately vomit it up because it caused illness and accelerated death. This supposed property of the sperm whale, where it is said to purge its own body of sickly morsels in this way, is where ambergris gets its very name.

In French, it is called “Ambre Gris” or gray amber and was held by apothecaries to be a powerful medicine used against disease. It was said that it could cure colds, syphilis (a disease where the genitals, infected with a sexually transmitted bacteria, would develop lesions), stomach ailments, and even plague (a pandemic where an area is filled with an infectious disease where the people are at risk of dying).

Other modern-day theories suggest that sperm whales produce ambergris in their intestines where it is mixed with digested squid beaks; this would explain why ambergris is found where sperm whales feed.

In another theory, it has been suggested that like many carnivores, the sperm whale’s gut contains helicobacter pylori (a bacterium that lives in the stomach and where its presence is associated with certain digestive symptoms, where it can cause nausea and vomiting). It has been suggested that when the whale contracts a parasitic roundworm infection where this bacterium may also be present, it can produce ambergris.

However, there are no definitive facts on where sperm whales really produce their prized substance.

Ambergris In USA

It is illegal for companies to sell ambergris from whales in the U.S. But this does not stop some of them from doing so. Because there are few restrictions on who can buy it and where they come from–the only thing that matters is if it’s an endangered species or not!

Whale wax finds a place both inside our bodies as well as outside, preserved within ancient fossilized resin called “amber,”. Whose origins date back at least 50 million years ago when trees were still standing around abundantly. What we know today is up north here near Canada’s border with Nunavut territory where I live while crafting these sentences. 

The EU is currently happy to support this definition. The situation is very different in the US and Australia, where possession of ambergris or trade-in Ambergris can land someone behind bars for up to eight years if convicted on two counts with each count punishable by one-year imprisonment at most per charge (and these are just some examples).

In contrast, sperm whales under federal protection act as an Endangered Species which makes it illegal – at least until 2013 when new regulations come into force –to possess any product derived from them without Department Of Fish And Wildlife Services approval first!

Why Is Ambergris Illegal In The US?

The sperm whale is the only animal in US waters that cannot be hunted. Although ambergris can come from other animals, it’s most often produced through coprophagy. Swallowing their own feces and urine to extract its scent which they use as an extra sense of smell as humans do with sweat glands or odorant receptors on our skin!

Ambergris has been used for thousands upon years- first by ancient Egyptians who believed it had medicinal value since this time period. Then during World War II when soldiers used pieces found on beaches globally (and especially near New Zealand)to mask rank smells coming off uniforms due tp excessive perspiration caused during hot environments.

Can Ambergris Be Found In Florida?

The prized ingredient for making perfume, ambergris was found in abundance along the Atlantic coast of South Florida. The sperm whales that inhabit these waters feed on squid and are often responsible for harvesting this valuable substance. Which they excrete as waste after digesting their prey during the digestion process called “mass calcification.”

However, before being washed up onto beaches or floating out at sea by currents where it may have been picked up offaffle cleansers used during whaling season 1703-1712 when hunting them near Endeavor Island became more popular due to changes within Spain’s government tariff system.

Where Is Ambergris Most Commonly Found In The USA?

Ambergris is found in mainly the Atlantic Ocean and on coasts of South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar; East India islands-The Maldives China Japan India Australia New Zealand Molucca Islands.

Most commercially collected ambergris comes from the Bahamas especially New Providence though. It can also be harvested off other coastlines like Florida or Texas where there are high concentrations of nearshore areas for its final resting place before being sold to buyers who will use them as perfume ingredients. 


The rarest substance in the world is now more accessible for researchers thanks to these recent developments. Scientists can study ambergris, which was previously near extinction. Because of its value on beaches as marriage revenue or expensive perfume ingredients like sandalwood and musk. However, it’s not easy collecting this delicate material without damaging any living cells that could be what makes up 80% percent content with the other 15%.

You may not collect, keep or sell ambergris because it is a part of an endangered marine mammal. The sperm whale’s digestive tract often produces this uncommon by-product on beaches and can be found washed up after storms as well!

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